Dijon Kizzee Estate Files $35 Million Claim Against L.A County For Police Shooting

Los Angeles, CA–Lawyers for the estate of Dijon Kizzee have filed a claim for $35 Million–$25 million for “severe and substantial damages” incurred by his father, Edwin Kizzee–and $10 million for economic and injury costs to his estate “stemming from the intentional and/or negligent infliction of harm to Kizzee,” according to the claim.

Kizzee was killed by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Aug. 30 2020, after he was stopped for “code violations” relating to his bike. His death by police sparked several days of protest in South Central, with allied groups in Los Angeles traveling to South Central to assist the community in amplifying the death of Kizzee.

Kizzee’s family is being represented by Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is also working with Attorney Carl Douglas and Dale Galipo due to their locality to the case. Crump is also representing the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Douglas says the County has 45 days to respond and he expects them to reject their claim for damages. At that point, they will move forward with filing a lawsuit.

“That’s why we have filed this lawsuit. To deal with this virus that the great Carl Douglas articulated to you all. We have to call it what it is, because viruses kill and if they are not dealt with, they kill more–in a more immediate manner,” Crump said during a Zoom press conference yesterday where they announced the charges. “We cannot let his death be swept under the rug.”

Kizzee’s aunt Fletcher Flair was also present during the zoom conference. Flair expressed the pain of missing her nephew, especially during the recent holidays because she says that is when Kizzee would normally be at her house with his brother. She also thanked the attorney’s for their help in getting justice for her nephew.

Prior to Kizzee’s murder by police, he was still grieving the loss of his mother who he cared for after she was involved in a bad car accident. Last weekend, Kizze’s girlfriend celebrated his 30th birthday at Ted Watkins Park.

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“I miss him so much. I think it was senseless, it was dirty–low-down dirty the way they did him. I have no respect anymore for the Sheriff’s. I don’t even like looking at them anymore on the street and it’s sad because I had respect for all police officers,” said Flair.

“He was a loving child. I don’t care who he was, or what color he was–he was human and he was my nephew and I loved him very much; as anyone would love their nephew, or children. He did not deserve to die like that.”

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