Centro Del Pueblo Announce Immigration Sanctuary Ordinance At Eureka Courthouse

Centro Del Pueblo, their supporters and Humboldt State University’s student club M.E.C.H.A, gathered at Eureka’s courthouse yesterday to announce a sanctuary ordinance measure.

Humboldt County’s Immigration Sanctuary Ordinance, is a measure to ensure that local resources and funds as well as ‘voluntary joint task forces,’ will not be used to assist in ICE raids and that local communities will not be targeted for immigration detainment. Reports on immigration detainment are also requested.

The ordinance focuses on reinforcing Humboldt County as a sanctuary city and works to minimize the emotional impact of ICE raids by setting place and time guidelines in Humboldt County. Children of those deported are taken into consideration, as the measure would ensure that deported parent(s) preferences would determine where the child(ren) would be placed.

CDP sang songs, introduced their ballot measure and had different people speak to why the ordinance was important for them and their loved ones.

“I’m thankful that I am documented and I don’t have to walk around having this constant fear and anxiety just going about my daily life. I am scared for my family, who were TPS, who have no papers, who have been here for a long time and have contributed for so long. I want to point out that this government, their foreign policy specifically, has spread exploitation, extraction and suffering everywhere. Those who can’t make a living in their own country, come here to have a better life and again, they have to move.”-HSU student.

Be on the look out for the North Coast Journal, as they will publish the sanctuary ordinance in full.

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  1. excellent photos and reporting. Keep up the good wok!

  2. Johannes Lorenz

    This is terrorism. The destruction of America. It will not be tolerated. March and shout all you want, real Americans have voted and will not tolerate socialism/communism/anarchism in their community.

    Go back to L.A. and celebrate your gangster culture where it belongs, in the ghetto.

  3. Centro Del Pueblo is part of the Aztlan movement that seeks to “return” the western US to Mexico (and its cartels, I presume). Buycott these evil people and this HSU grad troublemaker.