Body Cam Shows Torrance Police Shoot Christopher Mitchell Within 15 Seconds

TORRANCE, CA– Newly released body camera footage shows police shoot 23-year-old Christopher Deandre Mitchell within 15 seconds of contact. The video shows him complying with orders apologetically. When Mitchell did not immediately respond to the officers demands of stepping out the vehicle, the officer fires three rounds into the car.

Mitchell was parked inside a Ralphs parking lot when he was approached by officers.

After the unidentified officer shot Mitchell, they told him, “We need to help you.” Mitchell was the only son of Sherilyn Haynes.

“Torrance police unnecessarily murdered my son,” Hayes said in an interview with the Daily Breeze. “He was polite to them — he was doing exactly what they told him to do,” she said. “It was a senseless murder. My son didn’t have to die that day.”

Christopher’s family and Black Lives Matter L.A activists have been going to Torrance City Council meetings every week since he was murdered on December 9, 2018, demanding the names of the officers be released and they be fired and prosecuted.

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey and the city council have refused to give any information and have also refused to set up an independent commission to review the case, along with police misconduct in the City of Torrance.

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