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Black Business Owners Aim To Purchase Historic Building in Leimert Park

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Leimert Park, Los Angeles–Over the last 50 years Leimert Park has been the nucleus for Black culture in Los Angeles. Businesses and residents of this area have made history as pioneers of Jazz, Dance, Art, Theater and culture.

Many of these folks came back and established themselves with brick and mortar operations to further serve the culture and community that Leimert Park represents.

Following the lead of Mark Bradford, Akil West of Sole Folks, Ade Neff of Ride on Co-op, Dr. Dove of C.O.R.E and Tony Jolly from Hot and Cool Cafe all came together as fellow tenants under the same roof to make a historic push towards self determination by purchasing their building.

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“We are at a point as a community where staying divided is to choose disenfranchisement. In the words of Dr, Martin Luther King Jr,  We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. That is why we celebrate this show of brotherhood and ownership as a means of shining a guiding light to other individuals in our community and in Black communities around the world. We hope to spread the message that we are indeed stronger together.”

Leimert Park Black Business Owners

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Leimert Park Once Had Racist Housing Covenants

Video: Leimert Park Business Owners

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