Artist, and Urban Planner, Jose Richard Aviles Premieres their first publication: Semilla–A Collection of Poems

“A book that explores the relationship between the author’s trauma and the generational trauma of their family. Join Aviles for a transformational exploration of love, lust, pain, and change.”

Los Angeles, California–Author, Jose Richard Aviles, published by DTSLArts, releases Semilla–a collection of poems. A book of poetry and photography that explores the interconnectedness of their personal trauma and that of their parents.

Following the seasons, Semilla explores themes of love, lust, change, and pain.

“I am grateful for the lovers that will savor the fruits of my seeds.”

–Semilla, poem from Semilla


Jose Richard Aviles, a native from South Central, is trained as a dancer and choreographer and while this is their first publication, Aviles has always known that words too, through the use of cadence and performance, can also dance on a page.

Semilla is published through DSTLArts and available now for Pre-Orders via the publisher’s website. This publication is made possible through DSTLArts Poet-in-Residence program–a program that seeks to support emerging artists representing historically marginalized communities coming from South Central.

“We talk about planting seeds/laying roots/but we forget about the pain of covering terrain…thatis the pain of the eldest sibling.”

–La Siembra, poem from Semilla


Given the current circumstances and the effects that COVID-19 has had on artists, it is unknown when Semilla will be performed on a live stage. In response to the current global pandemic, Jose Richard Aviles has decided to premiere Semilla as a virtual performance scheduled to premiere on January 5th 2021, the author’s 30th birthday, also known as a Doble Quinceanera.

In Latinx culture Quinceaneras represents a young girl’s rite of passage into adulthood. Doble Quinceaneras have become a cultural phenomenon where Queer bodies celebrate their own rite of passage.

Given the historical context of Quinceaneras, Semilla’s virtual performance becomes a rite of passage for the author’s practice as a Professional Artist.

Semilla is a celebration for not only the author but also for the community that raised them, and the community that has supported the author through their emerging career as a poet.

Here is a link to the authors GoFundMe Campaign.


“In this collection, poems about the body, about family, about lovers, and the self join together in an effortless dance where Aviles’s unbridled love spills over all the edges of this harsh and complicated world.”

––Kaia Solveig Preus, author of “The War Requiem.”

“The liberation of self is catapulted in this collection, exploring the sensuality and spirituality that makes us all human. Breaking traditional norms is a liberating force painted on each page of Semilla.”

––Eric Eztli, author of “From My Blood.”

Excerpt From The Book:


Jose Richard Avilés is an Artivist, Social Worker and Urban Planner from South Central. At the core of their work lies a passion for community advocacy, joy, and radical embodiment.

Avilés has toured both domestically and internationally with their first evening length work, Callejera—a piece that looks at the relationship between from the hood and a femme.

Their second piece and first publication, Semilla—a piece that goes deep into the author’s trauma and the trauma of those around them.

Make sure to check out their first publication set to release October 1 follow them on IG (@soynalgona) for more information.

Phone: 323-274-5259
Address: 1454 w 28th St. Los Angeles CA 90007
Instagram: @soynalgona
Twitter: @soylamasnalgona
Cover Photo by: Argel Rojo

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