Adesina: (in)Visible Documents

“For Adesina, clay sculpture is a metaphor for life. Inner struggles become concept sculptures which become symbols– coded messages that personify strength.

Clay is unpredictable and unapologetic. It doesn’t forget its folds, it explodes, cracks, and morphs under fire. It survives this process and emerges resilient. Its imperfect nicks and scars are markers of a unique journey from mold to set.

Her sculptures are manifestations of emotional vulnerability and patience.

The heart of each piece is connected by the thread of strength guided by instinct. Pyramids and circles become symbols of self-love and direction. Antelopes become reminders to learn and love. For each collector, the Adesina sculpture will hold its own meaning and representation. Still, the intentions behind each Adesina piece from small to full-scale busts, represent the final stage of vulnerability.

Adesina holds two Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Studio Art (Ceramics) with honors from Humboldt State University.

Her sculptures have been exhibited throughout the towns of Arcata and Eureka, CA; in addition to participating in the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art (CCACA) in 2014-2016.

She draws inspiration from self-reflection and is currently letting her artistic process teach her how to be vulnerable and trust her intuition.

Adesina means ‘her coming has opened the way’ or as her mother describes, ‘a child waiting to be born.

Either definition speaks of her resilient character and ability to create her own reality.”

“Dear Brother, Father, Husband, Nephew, Son,

You are the missing piece and your value is unquestioned. You make the difference. You are a King. Do not be fooled by the monetary gain of a pawn. Your manhood is not to be defined by our society’s superficial ideals of power and masculinity. You can cry King. You deserve a woman that cherishes you, uplifts you and gives you space to be vulnerable. Be moved by quality, not quantity. Be present and willing. Choose your queen wisely, for she will guide you and your future generations.”

“Dear Mother, Daughter, Niece, Self,

You are the most powerful piece on the board. You are limitless. Only look back to learn. Learn to trust your intuition; but be mindful of what is leading you. Find comfort in your insecurities.

You are a Queen and you deserve someone to focus on you, love you empower you and protect you. You are naturally dominant. The expectations you set are a reflection of your value. Choose your man. Demand greatness because he is a reflection of you.”

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