Young Girl Found In Black Duffle Bag Along Hacienda Heights Trail

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Hacienda Heights, CA(Developing Story) Authorities are asking for help in identifying a young girl who was found in a black duffle bag, dumped along a Hacienda Heights hiking trail Tuesday morning.

Her body was discovered by workers who maintain the trail Tuesday morning around 10:00 a.m.

The location where her body was found is a popular hiking spot off Hacienda Boulevard down Colima Road.

Due to where she was found and the manner in which her body was discarded in a large duffle bag, authorities are calling the case unusual.

Hacienda Heights is a suburb 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles.

According to authorities, there was no visible signs of trauma that would indicate her death was a homicide. They are still waiting for an autopsy to determine her exact cause of death.

The girl is believed to be between 7-10 years old. She was 4’5 and weighed about 55 pounds. According to authorities she was skinny, but did not appear to be malnourished.

The Los Angeles Police Department held a press conference earlier today to discuss the investigation.

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