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Was Nicole L. Linton Trying To Commit Suicide In Los Angeles Car Crash?

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Windsor Hills, Los Angeles–More information is coming to light about Nicole Linton, a traveling nurse who killed several people including a pregnant woman and her son, after a fiery car crash on Slauson and La Brea two weeks ago.

Linton, 37, was going 90 mph when she crashed her Mercedes into cars that were at a red light in the upscale Windsor-Hills community of Los Angeles. According to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, there is no evidence that Linton was under the influence of any alcohol during the time of the crash.

According to the Daily Mail, Linton is an alum of Howard University and the child of parents who migrated to the U.S from Jamaica. She holds a degree in marketing, but it is being reported that she struggled to find work in her field after college. She began working as a waitress in several strip clubs in New York, after she was let go from her job at General Motors due to restructuring in the company.

At some point, Linton pivoted to more stable ground, switching career fields and became certified as a traveling nurse in Texas, California and Hawaii. She comes from a family of professionals and scholars with at least one of her sisters being a nurse also.

In 2017, a British Olympic silver-medalist named Germaine Mason, who Linton dated, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Linton’s Facebook shows photos of her and Mason together, where she commemorated him with a post following his death.

According to one friend, ‘Nicole was different after that. She really loved that guy. She said they’d spoken about marriage. I don’t think she’s ever got over that. ‘I wondered when I saw what had happened if she was trying to take her life the way her ex lost his.’
Germaine Mason

Mason was also a close friend of Usain Bolt.

According to Mike Diaz, manager of Sin City strip club in the Bronx where Linton worked for two years, she was a nice girl, who never gave him any problems. The world of working in clubs can be a catty environment for women, but Diaz said Linton always got along with the girls.

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Following news of the crash, Diaz took to Facebook to share his shock that one of his former employees had killed six people in a car crash.

“Wow this turns out to be our Nicole from the Sin City days. Everyone who worked with her knows her as a pretty, nice girl. I’m so sorry for her and especially sorry for everyone involved; this is heartbreaking. I hope the outcome is just and fair as possible for all.”

Mike Diaz

A bail hearing is scheduled for Linton tomorrow morning in Downtown Los Angeles. She is currently charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

It is also being reported that Linton is currently on suicide watch.

Nicole L. Linton

Linton’s mental health is becoming a central focus in her case. It was revealed that she was involved in 13 prior crashes and knew the dangers she posed to the public due to her negligence and reckless driving.

She faces life in prison if convicted on all charges.

Nicole L. Linton

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