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Video: Humboldt County 4th & 5th District Supervisors Race

All candidates for the upcoming Humboldt County 4th & 5th District Supervisors race were invited to participate in a forum last week co-sponsored by the Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council, North Coast People’s Alliance, Cooperation Humboldt, Centro del Pueblo, Humboldt Move to Amend, True North, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, the North coast Environmental Center, and Health Care for All Humboldt.

“The board of supervisors leads the county government—passing legislation and administering services and programs. Supervisors approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy. The board may elect some of its members to leadership positions, such as president or chairperson, which are usually held for one-year terms.”

Elections are June 5th.

Virginia Bass (who has served two-terms), Mary Anne Lyons, and Dani Burkhart are all running for the 4th District seat on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Fifth District incumbent Ryan Sundberg and Steve Madrone are running for the 5th District supervisor. All candidates were present except for Sundberg.


Watch the full panel: https://vimeo.com/269676903

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