Trump Administration To L.A Officials: Extended Coronavirus Shutdowns May Be Unlawful and ‘Heavy Handed’

Los Angeles, CA–As elected officials around the U.S are trying to map out appropriate measure to safely begin reopening their cities and states, the Trump administration sent a letter to Los Angeles officials warning them that their extended stay at home orders may be “heavy-handed and arbitrary.”

Three days before the stay at home orders were set to expire for L.A County on May 15 L.A’s Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer revealed the order would be extended during a press conference for three months.

This extension is the second time the coronavirus shutdown has been extended for L.A residents.

Officials in Los Angeles are, however, slowly easing restrictions on businesses and allowing curbside pick-up as the county rolls out a “phase” process to reopening the county.

Garcetti responded to the Trump administraitons letter during a press conference Friday.

“Look, we are not guided by politics in this, we are guided by science. We are guided by collaboration,” he said. “So talking to industry and talking to business owners and talking to employees and labor groups together with science, the numbers will always guide us forward; there is nothing else. There’s no games, there’s nothing else going on.”

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