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Remy Ma Violates Parole With Assault Charge, Turns Herself In

New York–Bronx rapper Remy Ma posted a $1,500 bail today after turning herself in to NYPD. She was charged with assault on another rapper named Brittney Taylor, who took to Instagram with a a black-eye and claims that Remy hit her. They both appear on the reality t.v show Love and Hip-Hop.

According to Dawn Florio, Remy Ma’s attorney, all of the accusations made by Taylor are a lie and pointed to inconsistencies in her story. For example, Taylor allegedly claims the attack happened at 9:30 PM. Florio says there is video to prove Remy Ma was home at that time.

Remy Ma, 38, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, served six years in prison after shooting someone in 2007. Upon her release from prison, Remy Ma dove head-first back into her music career and stayed in the spotlight via the show Love and Hip-Hop. Her husband Shamele Mackie, also known as rapper Papoose, plays alongside her in the show.

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