Rapper The Game Gets Called Out By Nipsey Hussle Close Friend For Selling Prolific Records Merchandise

South Central, Los Angeles–It has now been seven months since South Central Legend Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in the parking lot of the strip mall he recently purchased.

Fans stunned at his untimely and brutal demise, are scrambling to get their hands on anything related to his brand or music.

Nipsey Hussle’s name and likeness is guaranteed to make money right now.

The partnership Nipsey Hussle did with Puma prior to his assassination, sold out in under two hours when it was released last month. His album Victory Lap, is expected to become platinum by 2020.

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The average person is also creating Nipsey Hussle inspired memorabilia From paintings, pins, to t-shirts, and they are not the only ones. Compton rapper The Game, has been pushing a brand called Prolific Records since Nipsey Hussle’s death, which has made many raise an eyebrow.

The Prolific Records watermark, has appeared in various music videos The Game has released since Nipsey Hussle’s passing.

Anybody familiar with Nipsey Hussle, knows that he had the word Prolific tattooed on the side of his face.

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Some of the people within Nipsey Hussle’s inner circle are not too happy about the fact that The Game is selling Prolific Records merchandise, and took to social media to show their discontent.

In July, it was revealed that The Game had his music royalties seized to pay off a $7 million dollar sexual assault judgement. According to HipHopDx:

“Rainey, who accused The Game of sexual assault, was granted the judgment in 2016.

While she was a contestant on the VH1 reality show She Got Game, Rainey said the veteran rapper sexually assaulted her during what she thought was a “required after hours date” while taping the show. She alleged The Game got intoxicated and forced “his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

A motion for a new trial was thrown out last September and Rainey then threatened to come after The Game’s royalties earlier this year.”

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