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Putting Money On Inmates Books Can Be A HASSLE. Let Cash4Luv1’s Help You!

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Los Angeles County, CA–Those who are incarcerated need to have money on their books, so they can buy certain necessities such as soap, as well as extra food from commissary.

That’s where Cash4Luv1’s can help assist you and your family. Cash4Luv1’s is a third party service that provides safe and secure deposits for inmates inside Los Angeles County Jails.

Having money on your books for the store/commissary, plays an important role in the lives of inmates.

To get this money to those on the inside however, can be a hassle for certain people. This is due largely in part to the fact that placing money on an inmates books, mainly happens inside of jails. Many people will place money on their loved ones books, when they travel to the jail for visits.

Not everyone has the privilege to travel and visit their loved ones, however. They may also have other things prohibiting them from the jail, such as not having a current I.D, or open arrest warrants.

Founded by J&M Merriweather and based in the Antelope Valley, Cash4Luv1’s services are catered for those who live out of the area, or those unable to get money to inmates due to the demand of their everyday lives.

“Cash4Luv1’s initially started from being in that situation. My loved one got into trouble and I had to drive down every single week to make sure he had money on his books to eat and get things he needed.”

Cash4Luv1’s s

Through their time traveling to and from the prison visiting their loved one, the founder of Cash4Luv1’s s met several families who were struggling to make it to L.A County jails for visits.

β€œThey were paying me to make deposits so we turned it into a business model.”

Cash4Luv1’s s

Men and women in jail need to eat and they need to be able to communicate with family members via phone, cards or letters. Cash4Luv1’s services make these important things happen for inmates, when families are busy maintaining work, school and kids.

β€œGive us a call or send us a text and say I need to place this amount on my loved ones account and this is the booking number. I will then follow up and introduce myself and say here is our fee and payment process. I then collect their information, their loved ones information and we make the deposit anytime during the day. Afterwards, I send them a copy of the receipt to show the deposit was made.”


Visit: https://cash4love1s.com

Call: 1-800-410-8049

Email: info@cash4love1s.com

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