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Pretty Young Tenders: Mobile Mixologists Provide Friendly, Fun Services

Los Angeles, CA–There is an old saying that advises you not to go into business with friends. Allison Gordon & Lauron Kemp, however, continue to defy these odds with their mobile mixologist business Pretty Young Tenders.

“We know how overwhelming events can be. People work, they have kids. Something as simple as bartending is helpful. Sometimes you need people who know what they are doing. We tend to you, so you can tend to your event.”

PYTenders provide friendly bartending services in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland-Empire areas. They work with all budgets and also provide customized party themes and decorations.

The idea for PYTenders was birthed while Gordon & Kemp were thinking of ways to bring in another source of revenue.

Gordon, a graduate Cal State University San Marcos, and Kemp, a graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills, met through mutual friends and have been friends since college. They refer to themselves as the “original pre-gamers.”

In college, they always found themselves inviting people over, party-planning, making drinks and adding upbeat vibes to any group setting.

“We were on the same page of starting a business. She [Gordon] was like, ‘let’s go check into bartending school real quick.’ We did and fell in love with it. This is something we have been doing, we were like, let’s actually push it and make this a business,” Kemp detailed.

The two share a few commonalities that has strenghtened their bond and allowed their friendship to blossom into a business relationship.

The fact that both of their fathers are entrepreneurs (and Gemini’s) make their partnership in business, come natural. “We come from RBC. Real Estate, business and credit,” Gordon said laughing.

“We both understood what it was like to have fathers in our lives. We were pushed to do a lot that some people around us at the time were not,” Kemp illustrated. “We see what we are supposed to be doing and we have people that are pushing us to do it.”

So far, PYTenders has catered social mixers, weddings and parties. Most recently, they catered a women’s empowerment event where media maven Karen Civil was the keynote speaker.

“The event was wonderful. It was great exposure. It was also great being around Karen Civil and other entrepreneurs and getting to hear their stories.”

Being women who are naturally hospitable who genuinely care about the well-being of others, has allowed the business behind PYTenders to run smoothly.

Nonetheless, the two say they still run into challenges such as funding. More money would allow them to bring certain visions to life and help expand their brand. Gordon & Kemp do not let this hinder their progress.

They continue to write down their business goals and reflect on the progress they have made so far. They balance their friendship/business partnership by understanding they both have the same intentions and not letting money be their only goal.

One of their short-term goals is to partner with other girls and bring them under the PYTenders banner.

“We actually just hired our first girl from the last women’s empowerment event we did. We want to help other people. Here’s an opportunity. Through this, we hope it will help us find our purpose. Everybody is welcome. There is definitely money to be made.”

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