Pastrami On The Run: Black Couple Celebrates One Year in Business

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Los Angeles, CA–Pastrami On The Run is serving pastrami with an urban twist, just a few blocks up the street from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. Founded by Margot Evans and her fiancé Germaine, their menu has pastrami layered dishes ranging from mac and cheese, sandwiches and burgers, to hot dogs and loaded fries. Pastrami on The Run also serves breakfast options for those seeking a tasty, quick meal during the morning rush. 

Along with her job in corporate America, Evans is also a stand up comedian, having performed at some of the hottest clubs in L.A including The Laugh Factory and the Ventura Comedy Club. 

In 2017, Evans suffered a stroke and aneurysm while on stage during her comedy show. She was able to complete her set and make it to the hospital, where she was rushed into surgery. 

“It had a lot to do with stress,” Evans said.

The coronavirus pandemic provided a slower pace of life for Evans and her fiancé Germaine, which helped them tackle some goals and ideas. Like many, they could never find much time, due to the demands of their daily work and home life. 

It was around this time that Evans really began considering the idea of going into business for herself, so she could begin building generational wealth for her family, as opposed to just for someone else.

“If we are going to stress and struggle, it should be for the betterment of ourselves, not someone else,” Evans said.

The inspiration behind Pastrami On The Run came during the pandemic, when eating at home became a much safer routine than eating out. Evans developed a love for tacos as a resident of Southern California and they continue to be one of her favorite go-to meals. 

One day, her fiancé Germaine (who also goes by Chef Boy O.G) came up with the idea of a pastrami taco. While shopping for ingredients, they picked up certain things they felt would spruce up the flavor.

“We didn’t want just a regular taco with pastrami on it,” Evans detailed. “We found blue corn tortillas and some cajun pickles. We put the pastrami, cheese, ‘O.G sauce,’ bit into it—and it was the best thing my mouth tasted in a while.”

When you think of tacos, the usual carne asada, chicken and various other meat options come to mind. Rarely do you think of a pastrami taco. Evans and Chef OG began selling these tacos and hosting tasting parties for family and friends. The response they received was so supportive, they were encouraged to create a business around the pastrami tacos.

“This provided me that “thing” I was looking for to begin working my way out of corporate America,” she shared.

Currently, Pastrami On The Run is operating out of a cloud kitchen, also known as ghost kitchens. These concepts provide commercial kitchen spaces for businesses to produce food for delivery or pick-up. There is no dining for guests–but the cloud kitchen provides small food businesses the spaces necessary to operate.

The biggest issue for Pastrami On The Run now, is letting people know they are open for business.

“We had a Yelp review from a New York customer who had been living in L.A for ten years. They said they had not tasted anything close to a New York style pastrami sandwich until they came here,” Evans shared. Our pastrami is pristine.”

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