Eric Holder Jr. Trial For The Murder of Nipsey Hussle: Week Two

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Downtown, Los Angeles–As courts gear up for the third week of testimony and cross examination in the shooting death of Los Angeles rapper and businessman Nipsey Hussle (born Ermias Asghedom) here is a recap of some of the biggest takeaways from week two.

Woman Who Drove Eric Holder Jr. To And From The Marathon Clothing Store Takes The Stand

The woman who drove Holder to and from the Marathon Clothing store lot the day Nipsey Hussle was killed spent at least two days on the stand being cross examined. According to her testimony, Bryannita Nicholson says that she saw Holder putting bullets in a gun while she was driving with him after Holder’s initial discussion with Nipsey Hussle. She says that she directed Holder to “put that away.”  Nicholson testified that Holder told her to wait while he got out of the vehicle with some chili cheese fries stating he was going to eat his food and would be right back before walking out of her eye sight.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney asked Nicholson if she had any thoughts or concern that Holder was going to shoot someone and she responded no.

She also testified to a conversation between Holder and Nipsey Hussle where Holder asked Nipsey if he told anyone that Holder was a snitch.

When driving Holder away from the parking lot, she attempted to inquire on the shooting after hearing gun shots and was told by Holder that she talked too much. Nicholson also testified to being intimate with Holder on one occasion but denied being in a serious relationship with him after meeting him while driving as a Uber/Lyft driver a month prior.

During cross examination, errors that Nicholson made in her testimony that contradicted surveillance footage was pointed out by the defense.

She testified that she went on her own to the police station when her mother called the police after seeing her car on the news. She agreed to immunity and will not be prosecuted for any truthful testimony she provides during the trial. She allowed police to search her apartment, vehicle, mothers apartment and interviewed with police for five hours.

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Shermi Villanueva who was standing next to Nipsey Hussle at the time of the shooting testifies

 Villanueva testified that he was grazed by a bullet during the shooting and that he started to run when he heard gunfire. He returned to the Marathon Clothing lot after the gunfire stopped to check on his uncle Kerry Lathan as well as Nipsey Hussle who had been hit during the shooting. Villanueva says that he heard Nipsey Hussle saying, “He shot me, He shot me.” He also testified that he saw that his uncle had been hit in the back with a bullet. Villanueva declined medical treatment due to his wound being non life threatening.

Another woman testified, saying she saw Nipsey Hussle fall, after hearing something that sounded like fireworks. She testified to seeing Holder kick Nipsey Hussle and run past her after the shooting.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, Coroner and Expert Witness Testifies

Deputy Ryan Sauls testified he received a call that Holder was at the mental health facility in Bellflower. When deputies arrived, Holder was standing outside and was taken into custody without incident.

LAPD Sgt. and gang specialist Gilberto Gaxiola testified that being called a snitch is one of the most serious insults imaginable in the world of street gangs.

Nipsey Hussle was hit by at least 10 and possibly 11 bullets.

Warrant Issued For Nipsey Hussle Friend and Eyewitness Evan MacKenzie aka “Rimpau”

A judge issued a warrant for Evan “Rimpau” MacKenzie when he failed to show up for court last week, after being subpoenaed. Rimpau is a childhood friend of Nipsey Hussle and has been featured on several of Nipsey Hussle’s projects, as well as being a member of Nipsey’s All$In record label imprint. It is unclear if he has been apprehended by authorities yet, or if he will take the stand this week to avoid jail time.

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Cowboy Faces Backlash For Testifying Wants People To Know Nipsey Never Called Holder A Snitch

Cowboy faced online backlash from gang-members and those far from it, for taking the stand during Eric Holder Jr. trial and trying to clear up rumors that Nipsey Hussle disrespected Holder leading up to the shooting. He continues to advocate for Nipsey Hussle during the trial despite facing controversy and demands anyone who has a problem with his actions to “pull up.”

Court resumes tomorrow morning.

 Holder is charged with murdering the 33-year-old Hussle — whose real name was Ermias Joseph Asghedom outside Nipsey Hussle’s clothing store in 2019. Holder is also charged with two counts of attempted murder and assault with a firearm involving two other people, along with one count of
possession of a firearm by a felon. The charges include allegations that he personally and intentionally discharged a handgun and that he personally inflicted great bodily injury.

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