Mother Sues LAUSD Over Son’s Death By Employee

Los Angeles, CA–The Los Angeles School District is being sued over the death of a six-year-old by a school employee in 2019. Dayvon Taylor was a student at Normandie Elementary School where Tyler D’shaun Martin-Brand was a coach with the Beyond The Bell after school program.

The lawsuit which was filed by the Wilshire Law Firm in August, outlines a case for abuse, alleging Martin-Brand would take Taylor away from other students where he was isolated and caused physical harm that would result in Taylor’s death.

The lawsuit also alleges that LAUSD failed to protect Taylor and should have known or had suspicions of Martin-Brand’s abuse against children.

“Plaintiff alleges that if employees, directors, coaches, and supervisors of Defendant LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT and/or Defendant COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES and/or Defendant CITY OF LOS ANGELES acted in compliance with their mandatory duties, then Defendant TYLER D’SHAUN MARTIN-BRAND would have been stopped before he engaged in his harm against decedent.”

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Police arrested Martin-Brand, 23, of Downey Dec. 2019, who admitted to Taylor’s family that he fatally punched Taylor twice in the chest to “discipline him.”

Taylor went into cardiac arrest and doctors were unable to revive him.

Taylor’s father said during an interview last year that he had been unable to see Taylor for scheduled visits since September 2019. Although, he says, Taylor’s four-year-old sister, who Nicholson also fathered with Taylor’s mother Kenya, was always accessible.

“When it was time for me to pick them up or anything like that, she would  always tell me Day’von’s gone with the coach, whose mentoring him and showing him how to play basketball.”

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