Micquel Hawkins Shot and Killed In Drive-by Shooting In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA–Micquel Hawkins, 22, was shot and killed over the weekend on East 29th Street and San Pedro. Two others were also shot but survived their injuries.

Hawkins 2-year-old daughter Milan, is now orphaned. Her father was also murdered last year.

Via ABC 7:

The family said they believe the surrounding community knows who killed Micquel, and they pleaded with them to break their silence

“When I roll down the street, I get so sick and tired of seeing candles grouped together. Block after block after block and another mother having to experience what I’ve gone through,” said the victim’s mother, Vanessa Hawkins. “The person who took this lady from us left behind the truest victim: a child that’s going to grow up without a mother or a father.

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  1. Hi Slauson Girl,

    I read about Micquel’s murder on KTLA’s website and it was incredibly tragic to hear her mother’s story! I can’t imagine how she manages to stay so strong after losing her daughter, the father of her daughter’s child AND her son to drive-by shootings! She spoke so eloquently about how street violence has left her granddaughter an orphan. The LA Times did an excellent article on the murders of Barbara Pritchett’s sons; both of whom were shot to death within a few years of each other.

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