Mayor Says Los Angeles Shutdown Likely To Last For Two Months, Despite April 19th Date

Los Angeles, CA–Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti seems to have a different response on the timeline of L.A County shutdowns depending on who he is talking to. During his daily Facebook live briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, Garcetti told the public the lockdown would last until April 19th.

Garcetti then goes on MSNBC later on that day or the next and tells the host that the shutdown is likely to last for two months. Garcetti then compared the measures that China has taken in response to the coronavirus and explained the need to shelter in place longer than the projected date of April 19th.

The way that Los Angeles in particular has handled the coronavirus pandemic has been at the exspense of the taxpayer they claim to be trying to save.

Over 60,000 people in the streets of Los Angeles have no where to go.

The shutdown of public parks, gyms, entertainment venues, as well as “non-essential” businesses in the name of public health is necessary but could have been done in a way to protect the people.

Measures and ordinances could have been passed in advance by the city of Los Angeles to ensure that the taxpayers of Los Angeles would be able to survive for two months.

Many small and local businesses will not survive this shutdown. Many families will run out of food while not being able to pay rent and Los Angeles City Council has decided to not meet due to technical difficulties in the midst of a crisis.

This whole situation is a recipe for disaster.

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