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Lebron James Opens Public School In His Hometown

Akron, Ohio–Ohio native Lebron James will go down in history not only a basketball legend, but as someone who helped shift the futures of so many disadvantaged youth.

James opened an elementary school in his hometown Monday that is being called one of the first in its kind.

The I Promise School operates in a way that aims to uplift not only students, but their families as well. The school will provide the families of students who attend the school with certain amenities–which also includes scholarships for college.

“I know what many of these kids are going through. I know the streets they walk. I know the trials and tribulations they go through, because I’ve been there,” he said during a speech on the first day of school.

I Promise initially began as a non-profit centered around helping youth who were academically and socially disadvantaged.

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  1. Glad you found this. Look for Don Lemon’s interview with Lebron from 2 days ago.

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