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Lawsuit Against Aries Spears & Tiffany Haddish After Pedophilia Warning Video

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Los Angeles, CA–Aries Spears comments fat shaming Lizzo has come back to haunt him, after negative press coverage picked up a lawsuit filed against him and Tiffany Haddish earlier this week.

Spears appeared on the Art of Dialogue Podcast, where the host mentioned how Lizzo made good music and was also a great songwriter. Spears replied that he couldn’t get over her weight and he wished she would stop showing her body all over social media.

Haddish and Spears are now being accused of “grooming and molesting” two minor siblings in 2013. The accusations have been brought against Haddish and Spears before, but gained no media traction.

According to the lawsuit, Haddish met the siblings while a guest speaker at a comedy camp and was a “longtime family friend” of the children’s mother.

“The star allegedly drove the girl to a studio where she and Spears showed her a video of “an older man and a college-age woman” eating a sandwich simultaneously from either end, while “moaning and making sexual noises as they both ate the sandwich in a manner that simulated the act of fellatio.”

Spears then told Plaintiff Jane Doe that he wanted her to mimic what she had seen on the screen, including the noises precisely like what she heard throughout the video,” the suit states,” (CNN).

Another point of concern being detailed in the lawsuit points to a tape with one of the siblings that was supposed to be shot as some sort of demo for Nickelodeon, that was posted to the website Funny or Die.

The end of the video warns parents about leaving their kids with pedophiles, but many people found the content to be disgusting and disturbing.

The lawsuit details the trauma that the siblings had from these experiences, including not trusting adults.

“John Doe” alleges that in summer 2014, Haddish “offered to book, arrange, and film Mr. Doe content for a Nickelodeon sizzle reel at the home of Spears.

Haddish claimed the reel would be used to book Mr. Doe on Nickelodeon.

Upon information and belief, Haddish and Spears removed the 7-year-old victim from his sister, placed him upstairs in a bedroom, and stripped the child down to his underwear,” according to the suit.

“The video was entitled ‘Through A Pedophiles Eyes’ and shows Spears lusting over the 7-year-old child” and rubbing his back,” (CNN).

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