Larry Elder Aims Squarely at The Latino Vote in Defeating Gavin Newsom

Tina Sampay for L.A Focus Newspaper

California residents gathered over 1,400,000 signatures to hold a special election September 4, where voters will get to decide if our current Governor Gavin Newsom should remain in office.

Polls estimate that at least 50% of the Latino community support California’s recall for Governor and Republican frontrunner Larry Elder is focused on swaying their votes.

Elder was endorsed during a press conference this morning moderated by Gloria Romero, who served as the former California Democratic Majority Leader, and former California Lieutenant Governor Abel O. Maldonado.

Priority was given to Journalists covering Latino communities during the Q&A part of the conference.

“The reason I am getting in this race is because California is hurting. For the first time you are seeing a mass migration out of California, the middle class is leaving and the #1 reason they cite is the price of a house,” Elder detailed during the press conference.

Elder, 69, is a Republican talk-show host who has been running a fierce campaign against Newsom, fueled in part by the Governor’s COVID-19 mandates and forced business closures.

The recall effort against Newsom picked up steam during the pandemic, with California experiencing some of the strictest mandates to curb the increase in Coronavirus cases.

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