LAPD Officer Who Beat Homeless Man on Camera Linked To Three Shootings

Los Angeles,CA–The Los Angeles Police officer who was caught on camera beating a man this week in Boyle Heights has been linked to three prior shootings. One of the shootings occurred in 2010 and sparked protest in the City of Westlake, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Officer Frank Hernandez is seen on camera punching a man repeatedly, losing his cool to the point he snatches his glasses off his face, throwing them to the ground.

LAPD, protesters clash over Westlake shooting

The video has sparked an internal investigation and the officer has been taken off patrol. David Winslow is representing the officer, although, the officers name is being withheld by authorities.

“In the video, the man does not appear to be armed and is standing with his hands behind his back when the officer strikes him in the head and proceeds to continue punching him, even as the man stumbles away and attempts to shield himself. Police are still trying to determine whether the man had a weapon, a department spokesman said.”

“The man sustained minor injuries and refused medical attention. He was released and not booked on suspicion of any crime, the LAPD said. The person who shot the video said the man was homeless, known around the neighborhood and had not caused trouble in the past,” Los Angeles Times

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