L.A Mayor Orders Residents To Stay At Home & Closes “Non-Essential Businesses”

Los Angeles, CA–Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a “Safer At Home” emergency ordinance for the City of Los Angeles. This calls for residents to stay in their residences and to limit all activities outside of beyond what is absolutely necessary until April 19.

This goes into effect at midnight Friday.

What you should know:

You can still travel outside your home and police are not currently stopping people on the street.

The City encourages people not to go to work unless you are providing essential services. (At this point I guess feeding your family is not an essential order).

More than 10 people are not allowed to be in the same space.

Mayor Eric Garcetti shared this message to Angeleno’s via Facebook:

This is a tough day for Los Angeles. We’re adjusting to a new way of living. It’s scary, confusing, and it could feel like things will never go back to normal. But remember, just because we’re distancing ourselves doesn’t mean we’re distant. We’re here for each other.

I swore an oath to protect this city and that is why I issued an order asking every Angeleno to limit all nonessential activities. To keep L.A. safe and save lives. For those of you keeping our grocery stores, city services and other lifelines running, thank you for your service.

Our communities are beginning to feel the impact of the new changes and many of you are reaching out to my office with questions about how the Safer at Home order impacts you, your family, or business. You can find answers to frequently asked questions at Coronavirus.LACity.org

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