L.A City Council Needs More Time To Consider Controversial Homeless Ordinance

Los Angeles, CA–The Los Angeles City Council has decided to take more time to consider a new motion on homeless enforcements in the city. The motion, written by L.A City Attorney Mike Feuer, would ban homeless encampments within areas of shelters built after Jan. 2018 as well as freeways.

At least three city council members support the motion including Joe Buscaino, Bob Blumenfield, Monica Rodriguez and Paul Krekorian, who helped draft the document. Three other city council councilmembers also seconded the motion that the council was expected to vote on this week.

When news of this new ordinance hit social media, protesters showed up to Feuer’s house that night, prompting him to come outside his home to talk to protesters.

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles seems to be a serious problem for city leaders. Despite millions in funds directed towards the homeless, the rates are only increasing in Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, Black Angelenos represent over 40% of L.A’s homeless population, despite representing only 8% of L.A’s total population. LAHSA’s committee on Black homelessness in L.A found that institutional racism was aiding in the alarming rates of homelessness for Blacks living in Los Angeles. 

The city is currently under pressure from a judge in response to a lawsuit filed by a Los Angeles business owner, over encampments slowing down his business.

In May, the judge ordered that homeless people living under freeways must be relocated.

These new proposed measures by city officials highlight the sanitary responsibility of the city, as well as the constitutional rights of those currently homeless on the streets of Los Angeles and finding a medium.

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