Kanye West Makes Controversial Statement That 400-Years of Slavery Was A Choice


Kanye West has been the talk of the internet for the past few weeks due to some statements he has made about Donald Trump and now, slavery. This is the full interview of Kanye West on TMZ Live with Harvey Levin where Kanye made the comment that 400 years of slavery was a choice.

Kanye West also went on a Twitter tirade last week where he let the world know he was out of the “sunken place” and left us some tweets laced in controversy. He also posted a pic of him wearing a #makeamericagreatagain hat posing with #lyorcohen and another unidentifiable culture-vulture.

In this interview Kanye revealed that those tweets came about because he was finally not high off opioids that he had been prescribed.

Many celebrities tweeted their thoughts and a racial draft to trade Kanye from the Black community appears to be underway according to Twitter. T.I and Kanye West even came out with a song called YE vs. The People.

West also posted a screen shot of a text message he was having, where Kanye texted that he wanted the doctor who performed the fatal surgery on his mother as his album cover.

I tried to be open-minded to understand where Kanye was coming from. I do believe that he tried to tie his statement of 400-years of slavery in reference to mental slavery. Most of this interview touches on how we are taught what to think in society.

Kanye’s comments on something like slavery without going into full detail about what he meant, on a platform like TMZ, was dangerous. It erases the countless stories of slave rebellions as well as the sick, savage acts of white folks at that time to keep Black people “in their place.”

The methodical system of sharecropping and keeping Black people bound economically post-slavery, in addition to the acts of burning down thriving, Black neighborhoods, shows the determination of their white peers to keep them at a disadvantage.

The good thing that came from Kanye’s off the wall comments about slavery, is that it has opened the door for a larger discussion on slavery and the deeper implications of this history.

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