Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Zoom With Civil Rights Activists Has The Black Community Upset

The recording of a Dec. 8, 2020 virtual meeting, attended by Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and civil rights activists was leaked this week and has many in the Black community upset. Mainly, due to the tone of Biden who at times sounds like your typical white man who has had enough, when pressured over issues pertaining to Black communities. To be fair, majority of the meeting Biden seemed to be receptive and respectful but his triggers when pressed revealed his true nature and feelings.

Biden makes it clear that he will not use executive orders to enact reforms, he does not support the language behind defunding the police and “to hell” with anyone who disagrees with him. Biden also makes a condescending reference to how the Latinx community will soon out-number the Black community and it will be up to us to work with them.

The audio was obtained by The Intercept.

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