Jaaye Person-Lynn Black; Black L.A Lawyer Racially Profiled, Charged & Convicted

Los Angeles, CA–In the midst of what appeared on the surface to be a mass awakening of our country, a Black lawyer found himself tased, tackled and arrested in a San Bernardino courtroom, after authorities did not believe he was a lawyer.

Jaaye Person-Lynn is a graduate of Howard Law School and is originally from Los Angeles. Jaaye says much of the disbelief was due large in part to the way he was dressed that day, in slacks and a dashiki-print shirt.

In a video released to his Instagram of the incident, you can see Jaaye attempt to approach the clerk desk and being stopped by Sheriff’s Deputies.

I spoke to Jaaye on my podcast Slauson Girl Speaks on the incident as well as what led to his subsequent charges. He is due back in court for sentencing Jan 2021.

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