Former Politician and Ex-Husband of Top Hilary Clinton Aide Set To Enter Prison

Former Politician Anthony Weiner who was also the husband of top Hilary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is set to begin his 21-month prison term after being found guilty of sexting a 15-year old girl.

Once a New York representative, who was forced to resign in an earlier sexting scandal, cried in court when he was sentenced, and claimed the online relationship was part of “a disease.”

Weiner was found to have sent the girl lewd pictures as well as suggest that she strip and touch herself for him via Skype. He is set to begin his prison term at Federal Medical Center Devens next week.

“In 2011, Weiner tweeted a picture of his crotch that he was reportedly intending to send to a college student. Although he originally claimed the tweet was down to his Twitter account being hacked, the politician later admitted to having “inappropriate communication” with a number of women, prompting his resignation.”- (Newsweek)

The scandal has prompted Abedin to divorce Weiner as the news caused much controversy.

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