George Gascon, Former LAPD Assistant Chief, Plans To Battle Jackie Lacey For D.A Seat

Los Angeles, CA–Former Los Angeles Assistant Police Chief George Gascon, 65, announced his bid to head the largest prosecutor office in the country this week. His announcement comes as Los Angeles residents, unhappy with current District Attorney Jackie Lacey, continue to rally downtown every week for her removal.

Many are unhappy with Lacey, due to her refusal to convict officers in over 500 police shootings in Los Angeles.

Unlike Lacey, Gascon has been praised for his ‘forward-thinking’ approach to policing.

Gascon is also praised for providing alternatives to cash bail, criticizing the treatment of immigrant detainees, as well as trying to rectify prison populations and the disparate enforcement against people of color according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Gascon spent his most recent years as the District Attorney of San Fransisco, having served a short while as their police chief. He was also the Chief of Mesa Arizona Police Department. Gascon revealed he would not seek re-election and was propositioned from supporters to run for L.A’s District Attorney’s office.

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