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Gavin Newsom Set To Win California Recall For Governor

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California–According to polls, California Governor Gavin Newsom is set to win the current recall election. Although there are over 46 candidates ranging from Caitlyn Jenner, to social media finance gurus, Conservative radio-host Larry Elder has been Newsom’s strongest contender, gaining lots of traction and using news platforms including Forbes and Fox to push his campaign and political views.

Black Democratic Politicians in Los Angeles are rightfully sticking behind their party, and asking their constituents to vote No on the recall.

Newsom upset many Californians over mandatory business closures at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, especially when he was spotted at mask-less dinner parties during the height of the pandemic.

Over 1,400,000 signatures were collected to spark the special election although the chances of the Governor being recalled is slim, in comparison to past recall elections in California. Since 1913, only 6 of 179 recall attempts have been successful.

Elections are September 14.

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