Fuquan Johnson: Fentanyl Laced Cocaine Found in Los Angeles Leads To Comedian Deaths

Venice Beach, CA–Fuquan Johnson, writer for “Comedy Parlour Live,” and two others died earlier this month off what authorities say may have been cocaine laced with Fentanyl. Comedian Kate Quigley was also hospitalized in critical condition. Quigley is said to live next door to where the party was taking place and has since released a statement and seems to be in great spirits on social media despite a near death experience.

Johnson, 42, Enrico Colangeli, 48, and Natalie Williamson, 33, all lost their lives Sept. 4 in Venice Beach.

“Thank you to everyone who reached out to me over the past week. I feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind messages and am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a strong community of friends, family, colleagues and fans who have offered their support during this time and to the team of paramedics, nurses and doctors who saved my life.”

READ MORE: https://nypost.com/2021/09/05/fuquan-johnson-dead-kate-quigley-hospitalized-following-drug-overdose/


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