Former Georgia Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum Speaks Since Miami Hotel Incident

In 2018, Andrew Gillum was a rising star in the race for Georgia’s Governor seat against Ron DeSantis. Gillum lost the 2018 race by half a percentage point. He would have been Georgia’s first Black Governor.

In an 11-minute video posted to his Instagram account today, Gillum opened up for the first time since dropping out of politics earlier this year. In March, Gillum was found highly intoxicated in a Miami hotel room, along with another man who was said to have overdosed on crystal meth.

Gillum served as Tallahassee’s Mayor from 2014 to 2018. He has been married to his wife Jai Gillum since 2009 and they have three children.

Politico writes:

“Gillum described the shame he endured after he was found drunk in a Miami Beach hotel room with a man, Travis Dyson, who had been suspected of overdosing on crystal meth. According to local news reports, Dyson worked as a gay porn actor and advertised himself as a male escort.

The March incident led to Gillum withdrawing from public life, shutting down a promising career that led him to a close run for the Florida governorship. He later announced he was entering a rehabilitation facility and starting therapy for depression.”

See Full Video:

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