FBI report: “Black identity extremists” A Domestic Threat

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In a leaked FBI counterterrorism report, “black identity extremist” or BIE are described as a domestic threat for motivating attacks against law enforcement.

For many, the report is reminiscent of the dark side of the FBI, which includes the rampage set upon the Black Panther Party by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in the 60’s.

A rampage which was birthed from the FBI’s white supremacist ideology in wanting to prevent the rise of a “black messiah,” who could unify masses of African-American’s.

Hoover & the FBI’s ideology led to the murder and imprisonment of many of those in the BPP including Fred Hampton.

The FBI’s recent report was released just nine days before the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, which turned deadly and was named a major threat to public safety.

Ironically, organized white nationalists were not the focus of the FBI’s report but rather “black identity extremists.”

The document has created controversy and an uproar in online communities. Many say the government report is racist and targets African Americans.

The FBI however, stands by its findings.

The ACLU recently filed a Freedom of Information Act request alongside the Center for Media Justice to obtain the FBI documents, as well as questioning the constitutionality of the report.

According to The Hill, 

“The ACLU charges that the report might not be constitutional on the grounds that the government is barred “from targeting people because of their racial identity or because they take part in First Amendment-protected activities, which include protesting racism and injustice.”

Snipers Kill 5 Dallas Officers at Protest Against Police Shootings

The document says that some African-American’s are an increasing threat to police and notes Micah Johnson and other African-American’s who have murdered police. Johnson killed five Dallas Police Officers and wounded six others at a protest against police brutality in 2016.

The FBI’s report can be found below:


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