Family Home Burned By Homeless Encampment In Los Angeles

The Perez family says they contacted the city of Los Angeles multiple times to address the homeless encampments in the alley behind their home.

Their landlord even filed four complaints within a months time, and gathered signatures from other community members who had grown tired of the encampments in their neighborhood.

Now, they have to rebuild after a fire in the same homeless encampment they complained about, burned almost everything they owned when their house caught fire.

Luckily, no one was injured. Members of the Perez family however, found themselves sleeping in a car immediately after.

Los Angeles City Councilman Curren Price’s office, is now helping the family. The encampment sits in Price’s district which has been dubbed “the new 9th.”

“Dayana said her parents called L.A.’s 311 service line two months ago to report the encampments.

“We told them that there was a possible chance there would have been a fire. They still didn’t listen, and they didn’t do anything and now I’ve lost literally everything. I have nothing. I have no type of clothes anymore. I don’t have shoes,” Dayana said.

The family’s belongings are now spread out in the front yard — scorched, melted, mostly destroyed,” (ABC 7)

Price relayed to local news that his office has extended meals and vouchers to the family for housing. The damage is estimated at $100,000. The family has also set up a go fund me.

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  1. This is sad for this family because I just came out of being homeless and I know how it feels to lose everything you have from people that don’t care about your home they didn’t care enough that it made their family homeless