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Coronavirus: Flurona Detected in Los Angeles County

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Los Angeles County, California– A coronavirus testing site in Brentwood near the Getty Center has reported the first case of “flurona” in Los Angeles County. It is important to note, this is not a new strain of Covid-19. Instead, flurona is being used to describe those who test positive for both coronavirus and influenza at the same time. 

After returning from a recent trip to Mexico, a child is said to have tested positive, according to reports from the testing site.

Flurona was first detected in Israel a few weeks ago, in an unvaccinated woman who was pregnant. 

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According to the Los Angeles Department of Health, coronavirus cases continue to rise in L.A County, with over 2,000 new infections reported this week. 

Below is a list of free COVID-19 testing sites. No ID or Insurance required.

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