Conchita’s Housekeeping Maintains Positive Vibrations Flowing In Your Home

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Cristina is a Latina business owner based out of Los Angeles, owning and operating Conchita’s Housekeeping. They offer quick and easy cleaning services in L.A and neighboring communities and also have their Housekeeping Cleaning Smudge Kits available for purchase–which are all natural and ethically made. These kits consist of palo santo, sage, rosemary, and a cleaning spray. These kits aim to help give people the option of house cleaning services, as well as spiritual cleansing. Smudging is also an add-on option for Conchita’s Housekeeping packages. 

What product/services do you offer?

“We offer 3 easy packages to work with and modify by time increments. 1 is a 1 hr light cleaning. 2 is a deeper clean for 2 hours called Neat & Tidy and number 3 is a Deep Clean, which is a 4-hour package of intense cleaning.”

What is unique about your products/business?

“We are Latina owned and offer other women the opportunity to learn job skills through housekeeping and how to create their own business/clientele. We are driven to empower women and provide spiritual cleansing services to eliminate stress, negative energy, and create a fresh new, environment. We also offer a plant-based option for cleaning products that cater to people sensitive to strong odors from chemicals.”

How can people purchase your products?

“People can book cleaning services on: https://conchitas-housekeeping.appointlet.com
Our Smudge kits sold out at presale rate earlier this month, they will be back at the end of January 2022.”

What inspired you to start this business?

“Covid 19 caused unemployment for many, including me. 2 reasons I decided to create this job opportunity were for supporting women through difficult times, and because of my love for spiritual cleansing. Growing up, I watched my aunts and other women in my life work for others doing housekeeping, nannying, and other no-end jobs, which required a lot of work and little pay. I wanted to create an opportunity where women could create their own clientele to work with through our company, so they can take a little more ownership in their career and occupation.

Spiritual cleansing is an important part of our philosophy. We feel that in our homes is where we should feel most safe, both physically and emotionally. A good smudge will leave the home feeling clean, fresh, and flowing with positive vibrations.”

What would you like the reader to know about you as an individual?

“I was an educator for 10 years and have a deep passion for helping my community, especially women and children. I am an L.A native, from the Valley to be exact where I was able to have so many lasting experiences that really shaped who I am. I look forward to using this company to create a positive impact and give back to the city that raised me through professional development for women, giving/funding scholarships for youth, and protecting our environment and spirituality during such tough times.”

What keeps you driven in business?

“I am driven by the positive testimonies and outcomes we are seeing and our ultimate goals of creating sustainability! We are closing out our first year of business and have met so many wonderful clients that appreciate our service. Seeing people step into their home and just FEEL better really makes all the hard work worth it. We have also made many wonderful partnerships and collaborations with other organizations for example, @MagicMelaninMama, a Black-owned herbalist who I worked with to design and create our smudge kits. I will forever be dedicated to doing the work of helping families, women, children to feel empowered and confident in their authentic selves.”

What has the pandemic been like as a small business owner?

“The pandemic actually helped get out of the routine of a 9-5. As I mentioned, I was an educator for over 10 years, working for non profits that didn’t see the value in us. When we were sent home from work, I was able to see the power of entrepreneurship in the lives of the people around me and wanted to establish something for us, not just me. I am grateful that I can explore this new way of work that comes with peace, ease, and giving instead being taken from constantly.”

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