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Community Supports 82-Year-Old Marie Riggins As Inglewood Property in Question

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Inglewood, CA–A GoFundme campaign has been set up for Marie Riggins, 82, who is currently in risk of losing her Inglewood home located in the gated community of Carlton Square. Her home sits across from the new, billion dollar Sofi Stadium, which has only increased the value of her property. Despite this, Riggins is struggling to keep ownership of the home that her and her husband worked so hard to purchase in 1986.

Her husband took his last breath in the home before passing from pancreatic cancer.

Although Riggins found herself dealing with financial issues following the death of her husband, she still works everyday as a bookkeeper and is determined to not be removed from her home. The Homeowners Association is claiming that Riggins owes over $30,000 in HOA fee’s, which, Riggins disputes.

With the help of local news outlets and a tenant rights lawyer, Riggins hopes to remain in her home.

Her GoFundme is currently at $99,000 thanks to community support.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff has placed a lockout notice on her door, and ​within less than 30 days, she will be permanently locked out of the home she has resided in for the past 30+ years. This campaign is designed to assist Ms. Riggins with whatever circumstance that may occur.  Ms. Riggins is on a fixed income, so she needs resources to purchase her home, or in the alternative find another place to live.  If she has to relocate, she will need to hire movers, ​secure storage facilities ​for her personal belongings, and to secure alternative housing.”

Support Ms. Riggins 82yr old losing Inglewood home

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