Civic Club To Decide On Lighthouse Tomorrow

Trinidad’s Civic Club met with local Native American Tribal Councils today, as well as the Tsurai Ancestral Society to decide together, the new location of the memorial lighthouse.

Yesterday Trinidad’s City Council and City Manager held various open and closed sessions with these same groups as well as the Trinidad Rancheria’s Tribal Council.

The meetings resulted in the mayor and city manger halting the Civic Club’s project to move their replica lighthouse 22-feet due to soil erosion.

These meetings come after a week of protestors occupying the lighthouse around the clock, to interrupt construction.

The bottom of the lighthouse has been sawed through from its foundation (while protestors stood on top) to move it by crane to the already set slab 22-feet away.

Chair of the Yurok Tribe, Thomas P. O’ Rourke Sr., and Civic Club Member Jan West, gave an interview to a local news station after their meeting.

“I believe a resolution is coming shortly,” Chair of the Yurok Tribe said.

“We are going to meet tomorrow and hopefully have a document put in place which will determine all the details.”

The Trinidad Rancheria has offered to place the lighthouse on a piece of property they own by the pier. Trinidad’s Mayor was receptive of the idea but the Civic Club owns the property where the replica lighthouse sits.

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