China Initiates Flight Ban Due To Spreading Coronavirus; Two U.S Cases Confirmed

The World Health Organization has not declared the Coronavirus that started in China as a global health emergency, but Chinese officials are taking steps to avoid the spread of the virus.

Conaviruses are said to be common, typically causing mild respiratory symptoms including coughing and a runny nose. But some are more serious such as Sars, which is said to be deadly. 

So far, two cases of the virus have been confirmed in the U.S, according to sources such as MSNBC. They also report there are currently 63 “patients under investigation” in the U.S.

Read More: CDC confirms second US case of coronavirus and is monitoring dozens of other potential cases

“U.S. health officials said Friday they diagnosed a second patient with the China coronavirus — a Chicago woman who returned from Wuhan with the infection, and they are monitoring dozens of other potential cases here.”

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