Cardi B Presented Woman of the Year Award By Breonna Taylor Mother

New York rapper Cardi B has been named woman of the year by Billboard and in an interesting turn of events, was presented the award by the mother of Breonna Taylor. Cardi B should be acknowledged for her achievements within the world of music and for how far her single “WAP” went this year. The fact that Breonna Taylor’s mother was asked to present the award is interesting when looked at through a critical lens.

Cardi B has had the name of Breonna Taylor in her profile picture on Instagram since the national unrest this summer. Yet, she chose to release a song not in tune with the national unrest or regarding dead Black bodies, but a song about her “wet ass pussy.” During a global pandemic–while the lives of millions have been turned upside down due to the lockdowns.

Call it feminism, but it would help us all if our favorite artist promoted some type of balance and reflected the times in their music.

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