California Police Will Now Have To Prove Civilian Shootings Were Necessary

Sacramento–California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill today, that aims to curve the shootings of American citizens by police. Police will now have to prove the shootings were “necessary” as opposed to the current standard of “reasonable.”

The law also prohibits police from firing on fleeing felons who don’t pose an immediate danger, an update from California’s original code that dates back to 1872, (LA Times).

Current laws are written in a way that allows officers to use deadly force, if they feel they are in fear of their life. The stereotypes of Black men in America, only fuels the “fear” that police officers have.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed Assembly Bill 392, creating what some have described as one of the toughest standards in the nation for when law enforcement officers can kill,” (LA Times).

The bill was introduced by Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), who is the law’s author. It comes after the protest in the wake of Stephon Clark’s 2018 shooting.

Clark was killed in his grandmothers backyard after police thought his phone was a gun.

The new law will go into effect Jan 1.

“Newsom invited dozens of family members who have lost loved ones to police violence to join him onstage as he signed the bill in Sacramento at a large event at the secretary of state’s courtyard. He acknowledged the bill’s intent to change police culture would be determined by how it’s implemented, LA Times).”

The new laws also outline and encourage departments to train their officers on deescalation tactics as well as educational trainings on community policing.

Listen: California’s New Law Says Police Use Only Use Lethal Force When ‘Necessary’

Video: ABC 10

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