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Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead Robbed During Church Service

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CANARSIE, Brooklyn–Bishop Lamor Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, was robbed this weekend during a live stream at his Brookyln church. Whitehead told police the gunmen stole $1 million in jewelry and traumatized his small congregation. His wife and children were also present during the attack. Whitehead founded Leaders of Tomorrow Ministries in 2013 and was known in the community for being a flashy preacher. His social media accounts show him riding around in luxury vehicles, with custom outfits from brands including Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

The 44-year-old Bishop took to his Instagram and addressed the robbery directly after.

Miller-Whitehead, 44, formed Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries after serving a five-year prison sentence for identity theft and grand larceny. Miller-Whitehead claims he was illegally convicted.

A city hall spokesperson said Adams spoke with Miller-Whitehead after the robbery Sunday. “No one in this city should be the victim of armed robbery, let alone our faith leaders and congregants worshiping in a House of God,” Adams said in a statement.

When I see them come into the sanctuary with their guns, I told everybody to get out, everybody just get out,” said Whitehead, who on Monday offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the robbers.

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