BossedUp Chanso of The Griiind Helps Brands Build Equity Through Content

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Los Angeles, CA–Bossedup Chanso is the founder of The Griiind, a production company he founded in 2019, helping artists build brand equity through strategic marketing within a vertical integration model. A model that includes commercial, music and video production. In addition to selling merchandise through his Griqet Appeal clothing brand, BossedUp Chanso is also a writer, director and actor. 

I tapped in recently with the Los Angeles artist to talk branding, his music and upcoming plans in 2022, such as partnering with House of Success to produce their overall channel content for 50KSDY. He has released several projects including his 2018 ‘Crunch Mode Trilogy’ and his most recent project also released in a trilogy, ‘The Griiind.’

Be on the lookout for new drops of his clothing brand early 2022.

What Motivated You To Start Your Company?

“Once I dropped ‘Crunch Mode Trilogy,’ I began that transition into establishing a full production company.”

You are also an artist. How Long Have You Been Rapping and Making Music? 

“I released my first trilogy mixtape in 2018/2019 called ‘Crunch Mode 1,2 and 3.’”


Why is Marketing and Strategic Branding Important To Artists?

“Right now, we are moving into a digital age with virtual reality. It’s the kryptonite of the industry. Strategic marketing is what you need to actually move forward. “

What Does The Grind and Being In Grind Mode Mean To You?

“My new perspective and definition is the production and work you put in to get to your destination.”

What Motivates You When You Are In Grind Mode?

“Leaving a life legacy.”

What Would You Want Your Legacy To Look Like?

“Making manifesting more easier. There is oppression of thought now-a-days that makes manifesting way harder.”


What are some of the merchandise and clothing that you produce and sell?

“We do all kinds of stuff. We do a lot of religious pieces. We don’t really call them religious pieces–but we sell clothing similar to what the Moors would wear. We sell one-pieces, streetwear as well as customized high fashion.”

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What Are Some of Your Short Term Goals?

“To contract doing more work on major platforms. Whether that’s designing or just building equity. We also have a couple of events coming up like an event for the Kanye West Stem Player.”

What Do You Want People To Know The Most About You?

“We are really attacking ideas. Like, that’s the biggest thing, intellectual property. If you are a rapper, or if you have a bakery, a sewing company, tech, we are attacking every angle to build equity to make the numbers make sense.”

Why Is That Important To You?

“Everything comes from infinite intelligence. The greatest creations came from an idea. I’m looking at Elon Musk, Apple, they are worth a trillion dollars. And it’s off ideas.”

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