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Black Woman Who Took Over Paper That Called For “KKK To Ride Again” Resigns

Lindin, Alabama–Elecia R. Dexter has stepped down as editor of The Democrat-Reporter due to interference from former editor Goodloe Sutton.

Dexter took over three months ago after Goodloe published an editorial that received backlash and national attention. His editorial called for the Klu Klux Klan to “ride again” to stop proposed tax hikes.

She told New York Times that her decision to resign was based on maintaining her character and dignity. According to Dexter, Goodloe, who still maintains ownership of the paper, altered versions of the paper prior to publishing.

The Hill reports:

“Sutton reportedly emailed an altered version of the The Democrat-Reporter’s Feb. 28 issue to local news outlets and advertisers. The altered version included a front page story defending Sutton’s editorial and admonishing The Montgomery Advertiser’s coverage, according to a copy provided to The New York Times. The story replaced an article about Sutton’s retirement that ran on the actual front page. “

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