Back To School Drive: Thousands of L.A Residents Receive Free Shoes, Food And Backpacks

Los Angeles, CA–The Fred Jordan Mission hosted its annual Back To School Giveaway Thursday in downtown Los Angeles. Thousands of family and kids lined the blocks and waited for their turn to recieve free shoes from footlocker, a new outfit, hygiene products and free burgers from In-N-Out.

It is estimated that out of the 900,000 Los Angeles Unified School District students (LAUSD), 70% are living in poverty. 

“While things like new shoes and a new backpack may not seem like a lot, it makes all the difference for a child who lives in poverty, for a child who routinely goes to school dressed in rags. And by serving with us on Thursday, you gave these children and their parents something else that’s in short supply: hope,” (FJM Website).

Since 1944, the Fred Jordan Mission has been located in the heart of skid row, where they provide food and shelter to those experiencing homelessness. For 30 years they have supported the local community with back to school and holiday events thanks to their volunteers and sponsors. 

Rev. Fred Jordan founded the mission and he also opened 10 food-and-lodging facilities for the poor. Today FJM continues to feed 1,000 people on skid row three meals daily and serve 6000 people during the holidays.

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