Alex Padilla To Replace Kamala Harris Senate Seat, A Disappointment To Many Black Women

Many Black women around the U.S will go to bed disappointed tonight after California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that Alex Padilla will replace Kamala Harris in the Senate. Black women and organizations in Los Angeles in particular, are among those who campaigned hard to replace Harris with Congresswoman Karen Bass. Bass represents areas of Los Angeles and Culver City. Harris was the only Black woman to hold a seat in the Senate.

The Latino population in California is currently around 40%. Padilla will serve the rest of Harris term until 2022.

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In 1999, Padilla was elected to Los Angeles City Council at 26 years old and had been in public office since, currently serving as the Secretary of State. He will be the first Latino Senator and the son of Mexican immigrants who met in L.A.

In the end, white supremacy wins again, while “POCS” fight over scrap seats and “representation.”

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