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Plain Clothes Police Will Be On Slauson & Crenshaw For Nipsey Hussle’s Birthday

South Central, Los Angeles—With August right around the corner, fans, as well as the police, are getting ready to descend on Slauson and Crenshaw for Nipsey Hussle’s birthday. The beloved South Central rapper born Ermias Asghedom turns 34.

He was gunned down at this same shopping plaza on Slauson and Crenshaw March 31.

The previous month, Forbes wrote an article detailing how Nipsey Hussle and real estate developer David Gross purchased the multi-million property.

Events and celebrations have been circulating social media, promoting celebrations for Nipsey Hussle’s birthday at the Marathon Clothing Store.

The Marathon Clothing, Nipsey Hussle’s official brand and flagship store, released a statement today saying they do not endorse any of the events in or around the store.

According to TMZ, police are preparing a heavy presence on Slauson and Crenshaw for Nipsey’s birthday August 15. They report that at least 100 cops will be in plain clothes patrolling the area.

“The LAPD is anticipating a huge presence outside of the store, with many fans coming to pay their respects. While it’ll more than likely be a celebration and mourning, the police allegedly don’t want to take any chances and will employ a heavier presence than usual at the spot. In fact, there will be approximately 100 officers in the area, TMZ’s source added. Violence isn’t anticipated, however, and it’s merely a precautionary move.” 

Although it is unclear who exactly is behind the event, there is also a Nipsey Hussle “hustle and motivate” tour being advertised on social media.

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  1. Why is LAPD telling everyone about this event without asking anybody if someone is planning anything who asked for their presents

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