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9-Year-Old Mysteriously Drowns At Inglewood Pool

Inglewood, CA–There are more questions than answers, after the body of an 9-year-old autistic boy was found in an Inglewood pool. The mother of Zavier Portis, says she stopped to get water from the park’s water fountain, when Zavier wandered away from her van.

Kenyatta Taylor says Zavier was in the van with his older brother, along with his sister, who is also on the autism spectrum. She says Zavier’s brother had also stepped away from the van when Zavier wandered off.

“Taylor says her daughter was only able to tell them the direction in which he wandered off.

Zavier was found at the bottom of the pool a few hours later after being reported missing within minutes of his disappearance,” (ABC 7).

This tragic incident has prompted many questions because the pool was closed and padlocked. Zaviers body was found around 9:30 p.m, 4-5 hours after police brought out bloodhounds and helicopters to assist in the search.

Zavier was on an authorized visit with his mother and was currently living in a foster home. Zavier’s father and family members have also publicly raised questions surrounding his death.

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