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LAPD Placed A Confidential Informant Inside Anti-Trump Group. Co-intelpro?

Los Angeles, CA–It has been revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department placed a confidential informant inside meetings of Refuse Facism, an anti-Trump group who met at a Methodist church in Echo Park.

The revelations come during a trial against members of the group, who were arrested for trespassing in 2017. During an anti-Trump protest members attempted to block the 110 Freeway.

Documents show the informant entered the church with recording devices on multiple occasions.

“On Friday, Chief Michel Moore directed the LAPD’s Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy to investigate the decision to place an informant inside the group. Moore, who also notified the Police Commission and the LAPD inspector general about the issue, said he wanted a “top-to-bottom” review of the facts and circumstances of the case,” (LATimes).

The tactic is familiar to different groups domestically, that have been surveilled by the U.S government, carried out through local law enforcement agencies.

During the 1960’s, African-American groups fighting for civil rights found their movements being followed and documented by the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover who wanted to,

“Stop the rise of a Black Messiah who could unify the people.”

To achieve this goal, informants were placed inside groups such as the Black Panther Party For Self Defense, where they brought back information to the FBI. Information which included floor plans so police could carry out assassinations of prominent, Black, political-leaders such as Fred Hampton.

To see that police are still placing informants inside political organizations that oppose certain aspects of policy or functions of U.S society makes you wonder.

Where else has the LAPD been placing confidential informants to gain information and leverage?

Read More: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-07-19/lapd-informant-recorded-trump-protesters

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  1. What exactly can be done to counteract these informants? Should there be some type of rigorous “weeding” effort on place? Other than going underground what are the options?

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